Dunstable and District Boat Club

DDBC Penant

Do you have a narrow boat or cruiser that is 40ft, or less, in length and are you looking for non-residential moorings in the Chilterns?

Would you like to be part of a friendly community?

Are you prepared to join-in with Club social activities and help maintain the Club's facilities?

About The Club

"The best club on the cut."

The club was founded in 1964, by three boating enthusiasts: Pete Stanbridge, Reg Hayes and Ivor Cave.

Initially there were only a handful of members with moorings that were rented at Marsworth. Later the current site was acquired, but the facilities were rudimentary and mooring was linear.

In 1980 the current "end on" moorings were dug out by members so that boat numbers at the club could be increased, we now have 45 permanent moorings for boats up to 40ft in length as well as a wet dock, slipway and dry working area.

The initial clubhouse was a caravan which was then replaced by a recycled 1945 prefab which did us proud until 1984 when the first proper clubhouse was built. In 2008 we had a grand opening for our brand new clubhouse almost entirely built by the members of the club and is the venue for most of our social functions.

As a club we have over 100 members with wide ranging skills and knowledge and it is all down to their abilities, commitment and hard work that we have the club and facilities that we have today - we think the founding members would be extremely proud of what they started and what it has become.

Club Facilities

The club is situated in a rural part of the Grand Union Canal.
The site is monitored by CCTV, in particular the entrance gate, storage area, boat moorings and club-house.
Club members have use of all the Club's facilities at no extra charge.
Visiting boat owners will get access to the site, but not to storage or club-house.

Club Information

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Dunstable & District Boat Club
Cooks Wharf


The primary objective of the Club is to promote and facilitate Motor Boating on inland waterways.

Secondary purposes include the provision of facilities for mooring and boat maintenance, along with social activities for members.

There are two types of membership available.

Full members who have a boat moored at the Club, and pay a monthly mooring fee.

Associate (social) members who, currently, don't have a boat moored at the Club, and who wish to join-in the Club's social activities.

All members are expected to support the objects and principles of the club.

The Club is a registered Community Amateur Sports Club.

We have a committee of 12 members who meet once a month to discuss club matters and they are responsible for the day to day management of the club and to protect the club's interests.

We then have a monthly general meeting that all members are expected to attend.

We also have an Annual General Meeting where Committee members are elected and the club accounts presented to the members.

Full members have a vote on all matters if a vote is required and associate members have restricted voting rights.

The provision and maintenance of the clubs facilities is only possible because members commit their own time and expertise.

It is not like a commercial marina where you pay your mooring fee and get use of all the services.

At DDBC you have the benefit of a reduced mooring fee but then make up for this by giving your time to help maintain and provide the club facilities.

The minimum expected of our members is to regularly attend general meetings and working parties.

For those members who like to get a little more involved they could join our elected Committee which is responsible for the day to day running of the club and is made up of 11 officers.

There are monthly social functions that members are encouraged to attend as these shared memories are what build relationships and is all part of being a member of a club. The functions are varied in nature and normally involve excesses of calories and laughter.

The club has 45 moorings available for boats up to 40 feet in length, and 2 for boats up to 60 feet.

Currently there is a waiting list for the longer moorings, but we sometimes have shorter moorings available.

All moorings have electricity, water and wifi available.

All boats moored at the club must be properly licensed, insured and have a valid safety certificate.

We have a slipway, which can be used for blacking, inspections and repair, and a covered wetdock. Both these can be used by boats up to 40feet long.

There is also a small workshop, and an Elsan disposal point onsite, but no pumpout facilities.

We welcome all types of boats and have steel, fibre glass, wooden and aluminium ones. The only restriction we place is that permanently moored boats cannot be more than 7ft wide.

The club owns the site, which is surrounded by hedges and fences with a gated entrance.

The site is monitored by CCTV, in particular the entrance gate, storage area, boat moorings and club-house.

Visiting AWCC boat owners will get access to the site, but not to storage or club-house.

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